CH. 24

Joash was seven years old when he became king, and he reigned in Jerusalem forty years. His mother's name was Zibiah; she was from Beersheba.

Joash did what was right in the eyes of the LORD all the years of Jehoiada the priest.

Jehoiada chose two wives for him, and he had sons and daughters.

Some time later Joash decided to restore the temple of the LORD.
便召聚眾祭司和利未人、吩咐他們說、你們要往猶大各城去、使以色列眾人捐納銀子、每年可以修理你們 神的殿.你們要急速辦理這事。只是利未人不急速辦理。

He called together the priests and Levites and said to them, "Go to the towns of Judah and collect the money due annually from all Israel, to repair the temple of your God. Do it now." But the Levites did not act at once.

Therefore the king summoned Jehoiada the chief priest and said to him, "Why haven't you required the Levites to bring in from Judah and Jerusalem the tax imposed by Moses the servant of the LORD and by the assembly of Israel for the Tent of the Testimony?"
因為那惡婦亞他利雅的眾子曾拆毀 神的殿.又用耶和華殿中分別為聖的物供奉巴力。

Now the sons of that wicked woman Athaliah had broken into the temple of God and had used even its sacred objects for the Baals.

At the king's command, a chest was made and placed outside, at the gate of the temple of the LORD.
又通告猶大和耶路撒冷的百姓、要將 神僕人摩西、在曠野所吩咐以色列人的捐項給耶和華送來。

A proclamation was then issued in Judah and Jerusalem that they should bring to the LORD the tax that Moses the servant of God had required of Israel in the desert.

All the officials and all the people brought their contributions gladly, dropping them into the chest until it was full.

Whenever the chest was brought in by the Levites to the king's officials and they saw that there was a large amount of money, the royal secretary and the officer of the chief priest would come and empty the chest and carry it back to its place. They did this regularly and collected a great amount of money.

The king and Jehoiada gave it to the men who carried out the work required for the temple of the LORD. They hired masons and carpenters to restore the LORD'S temple, and also workers in iron and bronze to repair the temple.
工人操作、漸漸修成、將 神殿修造的、與從前一樣、而且甚是堅固。

The men in charge of the work were diligent, and the repairs progressed under them. They rebuilt the temple of God according to its original design and reinforced it.

When they had finished, they brought the rest of the money to the king and Jehoiada, and with it were made articles for the LORD'S temple: articles for the service and for the burnt offerings, and also dishes and other objects of gold and silver. As long as Jehoiada lived, burnt offerings were presented continually in the temple of the LORD.

Now Jehoiada was old and full of years, and he died at the age of a hundred and thirty.
葬在大衛城列王的墳墓裡.因為他在以色列人中行善、又事奉 神、修理 神的殿。

He was buried with the kings in the City of David, because of the good he had done in Israel for God and his temple.

After the death of Jehoiada, the officials of Judah came and paid homage to the king, and he listened to them.
他們離棄耶和華他們列祖 神的殿、去事奉亞舍拉和偶像.因他們這罪、就有忿怒臨到猶大和耶路撒冷。

They abandoned the temple of the LORD, the God of their fathers, and worshiped Asherah poles and idols. Because of their guilt, God's anger came upon Judah and Jerusalem.
但 神仍遣先知到他們那裡、引導他們歸向耶和華.這先知警戒他們、他們卻不肯聽。

Although the LORD sent prophets to the people to bring them back to him, and though they testified against them, they would not listen.
那時 神的靈感動祭司耶何耶大的兒子撒迦利亞.他就站在上面對民說、 神如此說、你們為何干犯耶和華的誡命、以致不得亨通呢.因為你們離棄耶和華、所以他也離棄你們。

Then the Spirit of God came upon Zechariah son of Jehoiada the priest. He stood before the people and said, "This is what God says: 'Why do you disobey the LORD'S commands? You will not prosper. Because you have forsaken the LORD, he has forsaken you.'"

But they plotted against him, and by order of the king they stoned him to death in the courtyard of the LORD'S temple.

King Joash did not remember the kindness Zechariah's father Jehoiada had shown him but killed his son, who said as he lay dying, "May the LORD see this and call you to account."

At the turn of the year, the army of Aram marched against Joash; it invaded Judah and Jerusalem and killed all the leaders of the people. They sent all the plunder to their king in Damascus.
亞蘭的軍兵、雖來了一小隊、耶和華卻將大隊的軍兵交在他們手裡、是因猶大人離棄耶和華他們列祖的 神.所以藉亞蘭人懲罰約阿施。

Although the Aramean army had come with only a few men, the LORD delivered into their hands a much larger army. Because Judah had forsaken the LORD, the God of their fathers, judgment was executed on Joash.

When the Arameans withdrew, they left Joash severely wounded. His officials conspired against him for murdering the son of Jehoiada the priest, and they killed him in his bed. So he died and was buried in the City of David, but not in the tombs of the kings.

Those who conspired against him were Zabad, son of Shimeath an Ammonite woman, and Jehozabad, son of Shimrith a Moabite woman.
至於他的眾子、和他所受的警戒、並他重修 神殿的事、都寫在列王的傳上。他兒子亞瑪謝接續他作王。

The account of his sons, the many prophecies about him, and the record of the restoration of the temple of God are written in the annotations on the book of the kings. And Amaziah his son succeeded him as king.