創世記 27
1 以撒年老、眼睛昏花、不能看見、就叫了他大兒子以掃來、說、我兒、以掃說、我在這裡。
When Isaac was old and his eyes were so weak that he could no longer see, he called for Esau his older son and said to him, "My son." "Here I am," he answered.
2 他說、我如今老了、不知道那一天死。
Isaac said, "I am now an old man and don't know the day of my death.
3 現在拿你的器械、就是箭囊、和弓、往田野去為我打獵.
Now then, get your weapons--your quiver and bow--and go out to the open country to hunt some wild game for me.
4 照我所愛的作成美味、拿來給我喫、使我在未死之先、給你祝福。
Prepare me the kind of tasty food I like and bring it to me to eat, so that I may give you my blessing before I die."
5 以撒對他兒子以掃說話、利百加也聽見了。以掃往田野去打獵、要得野味帶來。
Now Rebekah was listening as Isaac spoke to his son Esau. When Esau left for the open country to hunt game and bring it back,
6 利百加就對他兒子雅各說、我聽見你父親對你哥哥以掃說、
Rebekah said to her son Jacob, "Look, I overheard your father say to your brother Esau,
7 你去把野獸帶來、作成美味給我喫、我好在未死之先、在耶和華面前給你祝福。』
'Bring me some game and prepare me some tasty food to eat, so that I may give you my blessing in the presence of the LORD before I die.'
8 現在我兒、你要照著我所吩咐你的、聽從我的話。
Now, my son, listen carefully and do what I tell you:
9 你到羊群裡去、給我拿兩隻肥山羊羔來、我便照你父親所愛的、給他作成美味。
Go out to the flock and bring me two choice young goats, so I can prepare some tasty food for your father, just the way he likes it.
10 你拿到你父親那裡給他喫、使他在未死之先、給你祝福。
Then take it to your father to eat, so that he may give you his blessing before he dies."
11 雅各對他母親利百加說、我哥哥以掃渾身是有毛的、我身上是光滑的.
Jacob said to Rebekah his mother, "But my brother Esau is a hairy man, and I'm a man with smooth skin.
12 倘若我父親摸著我、必以我為欺哄人的、我就招咒詛、不得祝福。
What if my father touches me? I would appear to be tricking him and would bring down a curse on myself rather than a blessing."
13 他母親對他說、我兒、你招的咒詛歸到我身上、你只管聽我的話、去把羊羔給我拿來。
His mother said to him, "My son, let the curse fall on me. Just do what I say; go and get them for me."
14 他便去拿來、交給他母親、他母親就照他父親所愛的、作成美味。
So he went and got them and brought them to his mother, and she prepared some tasty food, just the way his father liked it.
15 利百加又把家裡所存大兒子以掃上好的衣服、給他小兒子雅各穿上。
Then Rebekah took the best clothes of Esau her older son, which she had in the house, and put them on her younger son Jacob.
16 又用山羊羔皮、包在雅各的手上、和頸項的光滑處.
She also covered his hands and the smooth part of his neck with the goatskins.
17 就把所作的美味和餅、交在他兒子雅各的手裡。
Then she handed to her son Jacob the tasty food and the bread she had made.
18 雅各到他父親那裡說、我父親、他說、我在這裡、我兒、你是誰。
He went to his father and said, "My father." "Yes, my son," he answered. "Who is it?"
19 雅各對他父親說、我是你的長子以掃、我已照你所吩咐我的行了.請起來坐著、喫我的野味、好給我祝福。
Jacob said to his father, "I am Esau your firstborn. I have done as you told me. Please sit up and eat some of my game so that you may give me your blessing."
20 以撒對他兒子說、我兒、你如何找得這麼快呢.他說、因為耶和華你的 神使我遇見好機會得著的。
Isaac asked his son, "How did you find it so quickly, my son?" "The LORD your God gave me success," he replied.
21 以撒對雅各說、我兒、你近前來、我摸摸你、知道你真是我的兒子以掃不是。
Then Isaac said to Jacob, "Come near so I can touch you, my son, to know whether you really are my son Esau or not."
22 雅各就挨近他父親以撒.以撒摸著他說、聲音是雅各的聲音、手卻是以掃的手。
Jacob went close to his father Isaac, who touched him and said, "The voice is the voice of Jacob, but the hands are the hands of Esau."
23 以撒就辨不出他來、因為他手上有毛、像他哥哥以掃的手一樣、就給他祝福。
He did not recognize him, for his hands were hairy like those of his brother Esau; so he blessed him.
24 又說、你真是我兒子以掃麼、他說、我是。
"Are you really my son Esau?" he asked. "I am," he replied.
25 以撒說、你遞給我、我好喫我兒子的野味、給你祝福。雅各就遞給他、他便喫了.又拿酒給他、他也喝了。
Then he said, "My son, bring me some of your game to eat, so that I may give you my blessing." Jacob brought it to him and he ate; and he brought some wine and he drank.
26 他父親以撒對他說、我兒、你上前來與我親嘴。
Then his father Isaac said to him, "Come here, my son, and kiss me."
27 他就上前與父親親嘴.他父親一聞他衣服上的香氣、就給他祝福、說、我兒的香氣如同耶和華賜福之田地的香氣一樣。
So he went to him and kissed him. When Isaac caught the smell of his clothes, he blessed him and said, "Ah, the smell of my son is like the smell of a field that the LORD has blessed.
28 願 神賜你天上的甘露、地上的肥土、並許多五穀新酒.
May God give you of heaven's dew and of earth's richness--an abundance of grain and new wine.
29 願多民事奉你、多國跪拜你.願你作你弟兄的主、你母親的兒子向你跪拜.凡咒詛你的、願他受咒詛.為你祝福的、願他蒙福。
May nations serve you and peoples bow down to you. Be lord over your brothers, and may the sons of your mother bow down to you. May those who curse you be cursed and those who bless you be blessed."
30 以撒為雅各祝福已畢、雅各從他父親那裡纔出來、他哥哥以掃正打獵回來。
After Isaac finished blessing him and Jacob had scarcely left his father's presence, his brother Esau came in from hunting.
31 也作了美味、拿來給他父親、說、請父親起來、喫你兒子的野味、好給我祝福。
He too prepared some tasty food and brought it to his father. Then he said to him, "My father, sit up and eat some of my game, so that you may give me your blessing."
32 他父親以撒對他說、你是誰、他說、我是你的長子以掃。
His father Isaac asked him, "Who are you?" "I am your son," he answered, "your firstborn, Esau."
33 以撒就大大的戰兢、說、你未來之先、是誰得了野味拿來給我呢、我已經喫了、為他祝福、他將來也必蒙福。
Isaac trembled violently and said, "Who was it, then, that hunted game and brought it to me? I ate it just before you came and I blessed him--and indeed he will be blessed!"
34 以掃聽了他父親的話、就放聲痛哭、說、我父阿、求你也為我祝福。
When Esau heard his father's words, he burst out with a loud and bitter cry and said to his father, "Bless me--me too, my father!"
35 以撒說、你兄弟已經用詭計來將你的福分奪去了。
But he said, "Your brother came deceitfully and took your blessing."
36 以掃說、他名雅各豈不是正對麼.因為他欺騙了我兩次、他從前奪了我長子的名分、你看、他現在又奪了我的福分。以掃又說、你沒有留下為我可祝的福麼。
Esau said, "Isn't he rightly named Jacob? He has deceived me these two times: He took my birthright, and now he's taken my blessing!" Then he asked, "Haven't you reserved any blessing for me?"
37 以撒回答以掃說、我已立他為你的主、使他的弟兄都給他作僕人、並賜他五穀新酒可以養生、我兒、現在我還能為你作甚麼呢。
Isaac answered Esau, "I have made him lord over you and have made all his relatives his servants, and I have sustained him with grain and new wine. So what can I possibly do for you, my son?"
38 以掃對他父親說、父阿、你只有一樣可祝的福麼、我父阿、求你也為我祝福.以掃就放聲而哭。
Esau said to his father, "Do you have only one blessing, my father? Bless me too, my father!" Then Esau wept aloud.
39 他父親以撒說、地上的肥土必為你所住、天上的甘露必為你所得.
His father Isaac answered him, "Your dwelling will be away from the earth's richness, away from the dew of heaven above.
40 你必倚靠刀劍度日、又必事奉你的兄弟、到你強盛的時候、必從你頸項上掙開他的軛。
You will live by the sword and you will serve your brother. But when you grow restless, you will throw his yoke from off your neck."
41 以掃因他父親給雅各祝的福、就怨恨雅各、心裡說、為我父親居喪的日子近了、到那時候、我要殺我的兄弟雅各。
Esau held a grudge against Jacob because of the blessing his father had given him. He said to himself, "The days of mourning for my father are near; then I will kill my brother Jacob."
42 有人把利百加大兒子以掃的話告訴利百加、他就打發人去、叫了他小兒子雅各來、對他說、你哥哥以掃想要殺你、報仇雪恨。
When Rebekah was told what her older son Esau had said, she sent for her younger son Jacob and said to him, "Your brother Esau is consoling himself with the thought of killing you.
43 現在我兒、你要聽我的話、起來逃往哈蘭我哥哥拉班那裡去.
Now then, my son, do what I say: Flee at once to my brother Laban in Haran.
44 同他住些日子、直等你哥哥的怒氣消了.
Stay with him for a while until your brother's fury subsides.
45 你哥哥向你消了怒氣、忘了你向他所作的事、我便打發人去把你從那裡帶回來.為甚麼一日喪你們二人呢。
When your brother is no longer angry with you and forgets what you did to him, I'll send word for you to come back from there. Why should I lose both of you in one day?"
46 利百加對以撒說、我因這赫人的女子、連性命都厭煩了.倘若雅各也娶赫人的女子為妻、像這些一樣、我活著還有甚麼益處呢。
Then Rebekah said to Isaac, "I'm disgusted with living because of these Hittite women. If Jacob takes a wife from among the women of this land, from Hittite women like these, my life will not be worth living."