列王纪下 9
1 先知以利沙叫了一个先知门徒来,吩咐他说,你束上腰,手拿这瓶膏油往基列的拉末去。
The prophet Elisha summoned a man from the company of the prophets and said to him, "Tuck your cloak into your belt, take this flask of oil with you and go to Ramoth Gilead.
2 到了那里,要寻找宁示的孙子,约沙法的儿子耶户,使他从同僚中起来,带他进严密的屋子,
When you get there, look for Jehu son of Jehoshaphat, the son of Nimshi. Go to him, get him away from his companions and take him into an inner room.
3 将瓶里的膏油倒在他头上,说,耶和华如此说,我膏你作以色列王。说完了,就开门逃跑,不要迟延。
Then take the flask and pour the oil on his head and declare, 'This is what the LORD says: I anoint you king over Israel.' Then open the door and run; don't delay!"
4 于是那少年先知往基列的拉末去了。
So the young man, the prophet, went to Ramoth Gilead.
5 到了那里,看见众军长都坐着,就说,将军哪,我有话对你说。耶户说,我们众人里,你要对哪一个说呢?回答说,将军哪,我要对你说。
When he arrived, he found the army officers sitting together. "I have a message for you, commander," he said. "For which of us?" asked Jehu. "For you, commander," he replied.
6 耶户就起来,进了屋子,少年人将膏油倒在他头上,对他说,耶和华以色列的神如此说,我膏你作耶和华民以色列的王。
Jehu got up and went into the house. Then the prophet poured the oil on Jehu's head and declared, "This is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: 'I anoint you king over the LORD'S people Israel.
7 你要击杀你主人亚哈的全家,我好在耶洗别身上伸我仆人众先知和耶和华一切仆人流血的冤。
You are to destroy the house of Ahab your master, and I will avenge the blood of my servants the prophets and the blood of all the LORD'S servants shed by Jezebel.
8 亚哈全家必都灭亡,凡属亚哈的男丁,无论是困住的,自由的,我必从以色列中剪除,
The whole house of Ahab will perish. I will cut off from Ahab every last male in Israel--slave or free.
9 使亚哈的家像尼八儿子耶罗波安的家,又像亚希雅儿子巴沙的家。
I will make the house of Ahab like the house of Jeroboam son of Nebat and like the house of Baasha son of Ahijah.
10 耶洗别必在耶斯列田里被狗所吃,无人葬埋。说完了,少年人就开门逃跑了。
As for Jezebel, dogs will devour her on the plot of ground at Jezreel, and no one will bury her.'" Then he opened the door and ran.
11 耶户出来,回到他主人的臣仆那里,有一人问他说,平安吗?这狂妄的人来见你有什么事呢?回答说,你们认得那人,也知道他说什么。
When Jehu went out to his fellow officers, one of them asked him, "Is everything all right? Why did this madman come to you?" "You know the man and the sort of things he says," Jehu replied.
12 他们说,这是假话,你据实地告诉我们。回答说,他如此如此对我说。他说,耶和华如此说,我膏你作以色列王。
"That's not true!" they said. "Tell us." Jehu said, "Here is what he told me: 'This is what the LORD says: I anoint you king over Israel.'"
13 他们就急忙各将自己的衣服铺在上层台阶,使耶户坐在其上。他们吹角,说,耶户作王了。
They hurried and took their cloaks and spread them under him on the bare steps. Then they blew the trumpet and shouted, "Jehu is king!"
14 这样,宁示的孙子,约沙法的儿子耶户背叛约兰。先是约兰和以色列众人因为亚兰王哈薛的缘故,把守基列的拉末。
So Jehu son of Jehoshaphat, the son of Nimshi, conspired against Joram. (Now Joram and all Israel had been defending Ramoth Gilead against Hazael king of Aram,
15 但约兰王回到耶斯列,医治与亚兰王哈薛打仗所受的伤。耶户说,若合你们的意思,就不容人逃出城往耶斯列报信去。
but King Joram had returned to Jezreel to recover from the wounds the Arameans had inflicted on him in the battle with Hazael king of Aram.) Jehu said, "If this is the way you feel, don't let anyone slip out of the city to go and tell the news in Jezreel."
16 于是耶户坐车往耶斯列去,因为约兰病卧在那里。犹大王亚哈谢已经下去看望他。
Then he got into his chariot and rode to Jezreel, because Joram was resting there and Ahaziah king of Judah had gone down to see him.
17 有一个守望的人站在耶斯列的楼上,看见耶户带着一群人来,就说,我看见一群人。约兰说,打发一个骑马的去迎接他们,问说,平安不平安。
When the lookout standing on the tower in Jezreel saw Jehu's troops approaching, he called out, "I see some troops coming." "Get a horseman," Joram ordered. "Send him to meet them and ask, 'Do you come in peace?'"
18 骑马的就去迎接耶户,说,王问说,平安不平安。耶户说,平安不平安与你何干。你转在我后头吧。守望的人又说,使者到了他们那里,却不回来。
The horseman rode off to meet Jehu and said, "This is what the king says: 'Do you come in peace?'" "What do you have to do with peace?" Jehu replied. "Fall in behind me." The lookout reported, "The messenger has reached them, but he isn't coming back."
19 王又打发一个骑马的去。这人到了他们那里,说,王问说,平安不平安。耶户说,平安不平安与你何干。你转在我后头吧。
So the king sent out a second horseman. When he came to them he said, "This is what the king says: 'Do you come in peace?'" Jehu replied, "What do you have to do with peace? Fall in behind me."
20 守望的人又说,他到了他们那里,也不回来。车赶得甚猛,像宁示的孙子耶户的赶法。
The lookout reported, "He has reached them, but he isn't coming back either. The driving is like that of Jehu son of Nimshi--he drives like a madman."
21 约兰吩咐说,套车。人就给他套车。以色列王约兰和犹大王亚哈谢各坐自己的车出去迎接耶户,在耶斯列人拿伯的田那里遇见他。
"Hitch up my chariot," Joram ordered. And when it was hitched up, Joram king of Israel and Ahaziah king of Judah rode out, each in his own chariot, to meet Jehu. They met him at the plot of ground that had belonged to Naboth the Jezreelite.
22 约兰见耶户就说,耶户阿,平安吗?耶户说,你母亲耶洗别的淫行邪术这样多,焉能平安呢?
When Joram saw Jehu he asked, "Have you come in peace, Jehu?" "How can there be peace," Jehu replied, "as long as all the idolatry and witchcraft of your mother Jezebel abound?"
23 约兰就转车逃跑,对亚哈谢说,亚哈谢阿,反了。
Joram turned about and fled, calling out to Ahaziah, "Treachery, Ahaziah!"
24 耶户开满了弓,射中约兰的脊背,箭从心窝穿出,约兰就仆倒在车上。
Then Jehu drew his bow and shot Joram between the shoulders. The arrow pierced his heart and he slumped down in his chariot.
25 耶户对他的军长毕甲说,你把他抛在耶斯列人拿伯的田间。你当追想,你我一同坐车跟随他父亚哈的时候,耶和华对亚哈所说的预言,
Jehu said to Bidkar, his chariot officer, "Pick him up and throw him on the field that belonged to Naboth the Jezreelite. Remember how you and I were riding together in chariots behind Ahab his father when the LORD made this prophecy about him:
26 说,我昨日看见拿伯的血和他众子的血,我必在这块田上报应你。这是耶和华说的,现在你要照着耶和华的话,把他抛在这田间。
'Yesterday I saw the blood of Naboth and the blood of his sons, declares the LORD, and I will surely make you pay for it on this plot of ground, declares the LORD.' Now then, pick him up and throw him on that plot, in accordance with the word of the LORD."
27 犹大王亚哈谢见这光景,就从园亭之路逃跑。耶户追赶他,说,把这人也杀在车上。到了靠近以伯莲姑珥的坡上击伤了他。他逃到米吉多,就死在那里。
When Ahaziah king of Judah saw what had happened, he fled up the road to Beth Haggan. Jehu chased him, shouting, "Kill him too!" They wounded him in his chariot on the way up to Gur near Ibleam, but he escaped to Megiddo and died there.
28 他的臣仆用车将他的尸首送到耶路撒冷,葬在大卫城他自己的坟墓里,与他列祖同葬。
His servants took him by chariot to Jerusalem and buried him with his fathers in his tomb in the City of David.
29 亚哈谢登基作犹大王的时候,是在亚哈的儿子约兰第十一年。
(In the eleventh year of Joram son of Ahab, Ahaziah had become king of Judah.)
30 耶户到了耶斯列。耶洗别听见就擦粉,梳头,从窗户里往外观看。
Then Jehu went to Jezreel. When Jezebel heard about it, she painted her eyes, arranged her hair and looked out of a window.
31 耶户进门的时候,耶洗别说,杀主人的心利阿,平安吗?
As Jehu entered the gate, she asked, "Have you come in peace, Zimri, you murderer of your master?"
32 耶户抬头向窗户观看,说,谁顺从我。有两三个太监从窗户往外看他。
He looked up at the window and called out, "Who is on my side? Who?" Two or three eunuchs looked down at him.
33 耶户说,把她扔下来。他们就把她扔下来。她的血溅在墙上和马上。于是把她践踏了。
"Throw her down!" Jehu said. So they threw her down, and some of her blood spattered the wall and the horses as they trampled her underfoot.
34 耶户进去,吃了喝了,吩咐说,你们把这被咒诅的妇人葬埋了,因为她是王的女儿。
Jehu went in and ate and drank. "Take care of that cursed woman," he said, "and bury her, for she was a king's daughter."
35 他们就去葬埋她,只寻得她的头骨和脚,并手掌。
But when they went out to bury her, they found nothing except her skull, her feet and her hands.
36 他们回去告诉耶户,耶户说,这正应验耶和华藉他仆人提斯比人以利亚所说的话,说,在耶斯列田间,狗必吃耶洗别的肉。
They went back and told Jehu, who said, "This is the word of the LORD that he spoke through his servant Elijah the Tishbite: On the plot of ground at Jezreel dogs will devour Jezebel's flesh.
37 耶洗别的尸首必在耶斯列田间如同粪土,甚至人不能说这是耶洗别。
Jezebel's body will be like refuse on the ground in the plot at Jezreel, so that no one will be able to say, 'This is Jezebel.'"